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Mark Zuckerberg Stammers During The Hearing Of US Congress

Washington DC: The Chief Executive Officer of Facebook Inc, Mark Zuckerberg stumbled during the hearing of the House Judiciary Committee of the US Congress.

The legislatives asked Zuckerberg about the damaging internal emails about the acquisitions of the company.

The antitrust panel of House Judiciary Committe questioned about the Facebook company emails, and released several screenshots of correspondence from Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives.

With the exhanges, the lawmakers made Zuckerberg to admit that he saw Instagram (photo- sharing app) and Whatsapp (instant messaging app) as competitors to his company when he acquired them.

Before the two months of acquiring Instagram in the year 2012, he wrote “The businesses are nascent but…if they grow to a large scale they could be very disruptive to us”.

Democrat and Representative Joe Neguse pointed out an email from the year 2014, which showed the CFO suggesting ths company’s strategy for acquisitions as ‘land grab’.

The Congress also presented several other exchanges to the other present administrative heads. The executives include Inc owned by Jeff Bezos, Apple owned by Tim Cook and Alphabet Inc-owned Google’s Sundar Pichai.

Pramila Jayapal, Democratic Representative asked Mark Zuckerberg about how many competitors his company copied, by showing an email. Zuckerberg answered to this that he doesn’t know.

“How many competitors did Facebook end up copying?” Pramila asked. “I don’t know,” Zuckerberg answered, stammering.

She also asked that if Facebook has threatened its competitiors to clone their feature while negotiating to buy them. She reminded him about the proofs from Facebook’s documents.

She told Zuckerberg, “I would like to just remind you that you are under oath and there are quotes from Facebook’s own documents”.

The document also cleared the fact about how the tech giant viewed the competitive market. In a 2012 graphic, Facebook touted the company as “95% of all social media in the U.S.” The graphic was titled: “The industry consolidates as it matures.”

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