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Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death Mystery Solved!

Mumbai: The Mumbai police finally unveiled the speculations about Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. According to the ongoing investigation, it is reportedly concluded that it is not a case of murder.
It is confirmed that on the night of suicide, Sushant was alone in his room which was locked from the inside. The police investigated the locks and the doors of the room. They found that no such intrusions happened to them.

It is also stated that his body didn’t have any marks or scratches other than the rope made of cloth to hang himself. There were also no marks of any fistfight which would have caused injury on his body or if he would’ve been handcuffed. If it would have been a case of foul play, then the hands and fingernails would’ve had some hidden evidence.

The postmortem report of Sushant’s death had already stated that he committed suicide. The forensic reports and statements of 30 people related to the reel-life Mahendra Singh Dhoni conclude that it is a case of suicide.

The Mumbai Police will start to prepare a final report of the case after analyzing the viscera Report which is slated to come out by the third week of July.

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