100 Awards For Young Sensation Nivaan Khandhadia

Mumbai: Nivaan Khandhadia from Mumbai is a new sensation on the chess board. At the age of eight, Nivaan has recently completed 100 awards in chess. The child had earlier made his way into the Indian books of world records for playing the maximum number of tournament rounds.

Having made a reputation, Nivaan is now aiming to world’s youngest Grandmaster. “My aim is to become world’s youngest Grandmaster,” the eight-year-old boy said.

It wasn’t long back that he started playing chess. While trying his hand on the 64 squares, Nivaan achieved his first success by beating his father Ratin Khandhadia at a homely atmosphere. “That’s when we realised his talent in chess and got him admitted to chess academy to hone his skills further,” the father said.

Nivaan’s coaching started three years ago at South Mumbai Chess Academy (SMCA) under the guidance of Vishwanath Shandilya. The youngster excelled in his game and became India’s youngest rated player.

From representing India at the World School of Chess, Commonwealth, Western Asia Chess Championship to winning one hundred awards by eight years — all he achieved with passion, dedicated practice and support and guidance from his parents and coach.

In today’s sport, the pressure is constant right that one has to fight. But “either you win the game or you learn from it,” is all that Nivaan’s parents have suggested him to do. “I practise eight hours a day with my coach Vishwanath Shandilya and that helped me to be a better player. One day I want to become the world champion,” Nivaan hoped.

Besides chess, Nivaan manages his studies and extracurricular activities equally well. While travelling for tournaments, his mother carries his textbooks and makes him study for exams. He also loves swimming, badminton and cricket.

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