Hoped For A Miracle Till The Last Moment: Aparna Sen

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Kolkata: Film actor and director Aparna Sen remembered legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee who died on Sunday afternoon at the age of 85.

“I can’t believe he is no more,” said Aparna.

“He was my first hero. I was only 14 when we first met. He and his wife were friends of our family. I became his friend too as I grew up… I still can’t believe that he is no longer with us. I had hoped till the last that a miracle would happen,” she said, who marked her debut opposite Chatterjee in Teen Kanya anthology, said.

Aparna recalled that Chatterjee had asked her several times why she did not cast him in her films more often.

“I used to tell him that let me first find a role befitting his stature. I had cast him in Paromitar Ekdin, and that was one of his memorable performances. I told him I would cast him again if I find roles that can do justice to someone as talented as he was,” she said.

Legendary actor Sharmila Tagore also recalled many happy moments that she had shared with the thespian. “We shared a great rapport. He had a childlike innocence and simplicity. He used to read and write a lot. He was a cerebral personality,” Tagore said.

Both Sharmila Tagore and Chatterjee debuted in Ray’s 1959 masterpiece Apur Sansar.

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