Indian Cricket Team Locked In Brisbane Hotel Rooms; Making Beds, Cleaning Toilets

Mumbai: The Indian cricket team have complained bitterly about ‘prison-like’ conditions at their four-star hotel in Brisbane, where they can’t access the gym, pool or room service, and must stay locked down on a single floor.

Players were furious when they arrived at the Sofitel in Brisbane on Tuesday ahead of the final Test match at the Gabba to find they had to clean their own toilets and make up their own rooms, and were only given food from a local Indian restaurant.

To make matters worse, they say they are the only people staying in the hotel.

Tensions over their tour reached boiling point last week as Cricket Australia anxiously waited to hear if India would refuse to make the trip to Queensland because of the state’s strict quarantine protocols.

The Test was only confirmed to be going ahead on Sunday – but after just one night in the Sofitel, players claimed it was like ‘prison for all practical purposes’.

“We are locked up in our rooms, have to make our own beds, clean our own toilets. Food is coming from a nearby Indian restaurant which will be given to us on our floor. We can’t move out of the floor that’s been designated to us,” a team source told the Times of India.

Players were also angry that the gym and pool were off limits and none of the restaurants or cafes in the hotel were open.

The source said the situation was ‘pathetic’ because no other guests were staying in the hotel.

“What was promised, by way of facilities, and what’s being provided here are two diametrically opposite things,” they said.

As per reports, the members of the visiting team have also revealed that the entire hotel is empty, but the players are not allowed to use any amenities including the swimming pool and the gym.

All the cafes and restaurants in the hotel are also shut. The latest development has come after Brisbane reportedly ended the lockdown as no new COVID-19 cases were detected in the city.

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