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Class XII Bengal Student Claims Her Mask Can Kill Covid

Kolkata: West Bengal’s 12th standard student from Bardhaman East, Digantika Bose has claimed that the mask she invented can kill Covid-19 virus. Recognising her invention, Digantika’s mask will be exhibited in Google’s Museum of Design Excellence in Mumbai.

According to Digantika, her mask consists of three chambers. A negative ion generator that filters the dust particles in the air. When the filtered air enters through the second chamber, it reaches the third one which is a chemical chamber containing a mixture of soap and water, reported India Today.

“We know that soap water kills the virus, so when the air reaches the third chamber, the chemical solution has the potential to kill the virus,” Digantika was quoted as saying by India Today.

Also, if a Covid-infected individual uses the mask, the air the patient exhale will go through a similar process and the spread of the virus could potentially be halted.

According to Class XII student, she has approached the state health department for the mask’s trials as it could be a potential barrier against the spread of Covid-19.

Digantika said that she made the mask during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. “I made the mask during the first lockdown with whatever resources I had. I have always been interested in such things,” she was quoted by the website.

Shw has always had an inkling for innovations and previously had developed a pair of glasses for locals in the Sunderbans. These glasses enabled people there to look behind without turning their heads. The discovery helped the locals stay away from wild animals in the forest that could prey on them from behind.

Digantika has been awarded the APJ Abdul Kalam Ignite Award thrice. The third time she was recognised for innovating a comfortable mask that does not strain the ears.

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