French Prez Macron Slapped In The Face

French Prez Macron Slapped
Picture credit: ABC News

Paris: Corona infection has come under control and restrictions have been relaxed to a certain extent in France.

In such a situation, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron took to the streets to boost the morale of the people. At that time, a man slapped him on the cheek.

According to BBC sources, President Macron was walking on a street near the southeastern French city of Valencia on Tuesday. Several people stood on the side of the road to see him. Macron was in a lighter mood while walking.

At that time, he greeted one person and extended his hand to shake hands with another young man. But to everyone’s surprise, the man slapped Macron on the cheek.

At the same time, the attacker shouted, “Let’s destroy macroism.” The President was immediately escorted away by his bodyguards. Two people, including the accused youth, were arrested immediately. The video of this incident has spread on the internet. Many netizens have strongly condemned the act.

Meanwhile, the incident has caused a stir in France. Opposition leaders from the ruling party have been vocal in their condemnation.

Shortly after the attack, Prime Minister Jean Castex addressed the French parliament. “In no case can violence or assault be tolerated,” he said. Far-right leader Marin Le Pen has spoken out in support of the French president. In his words, “Democratic talks often become bitter. However, the incident of attack cannot be accepted. ”

The beautiful world is terrified by the Corona epidemic. Familiar life has been hindered with multiple restrictions. However, even in such a crisis, Europe is showing some ray of hope.

Austria and France tasted some freedom in May after a six-month lockdown. Permission has been granted to open cafes and restaurants. Until now, the night curfew had been in force since 6 pm. This time it has been postponed to 9 pm. Museums, theaters and cinema halls have also been allowed to open.

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