Sonu Sood Will Now Do This To Help Poor

Sonu Sood Help Poor
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Mumbai: Actor Sonu Sood, who has been tirelessly trying to rescue people who have been affected by Covid-19, has declared that he will establish oxygen plants in almost 16-18 states across the country.

The actor disclosed that the process has already begun with two places being zeroed in in the Nellore and Kurnool cities of Andhra Pradesh. The process will be in full swing by June end and will be completed by September.

“I have tried to cover all the states. The oxygen plants will be set up near the needy hospitals which will have almost 150-200 beds. All these hospitals will never have shortage. The patients have to sometimes travel far to reach the hospitals and in some cases, they lose their lives as well. With this, I hope, such situation will never arise,” Sonu was quoted as saying by news agency IANS.

Whether the move is a precautionary method to handle the predicted third wave of Covid-19, Sonu said, “This will solve the problem forever. Right now there are almost 700 concentrators which we are servicing pan India, but it’s a temporary arrangement. With an oxygen plant, no one will ever face a problem. Why wait for a third or fourth wave to happen? Even when the pandemic will be over, the villages and districts nearby will have oxygen supply forever.”

The actor’s attitude to help has earned praise from all corners. He even has visitors waiting outside his house to talk and discuss their hardships with him.

“It doesn’t make me nervous, but gives me more sense of responsibility. It’s raining right now but people are still standing outside and I have requested them to go. I worry for them and there is so much pain across the country. So, the privileged people should come forward and help and do whatever best they can do,” the actor said.

On the work front, Sonu will be seen in the Telugu film Acharya and Bollywood flick Prithviraj shortly.

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