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This Octogenarian Grandma Has 1.54 Million Followers; Know How

Kolkata: For those who like to watch videos of different cuisines, especially Bengali traditional cuisines, you can follow the popular Bengali grandma Pushparani Sarkar’s YouTube channel ‘Villfood’.

The “master chef” of that channel is a 82-year-old woman. Her cooking is popular not only in India but across the world. Even Chinese people follow the ‘Vilfood’ YouTube channel. She has earned the nickname of YouTube star for her delicious cooking.

Sudip Sarkar, grandson of Pushparani, opened this YouTube channel back in 2016. And the first video that was posted was a pumpkin flower fry. In her kitchen, which is surrounded by a thatched hut, she cooks with home made spices grinded on stone, garden fresh vegetables, fish from her own pond.

Her daughter-in-law also encouraged Pushparani. The octogenarian makes the videoes of the lost cuisine of Bengal.

A resident of Bonvilla in Ilambazar, Birbhum, this simple woman in a white sari has won the hearts of netizens. Currently she has 1.54 million followers on YouTube.

YouTube company has given Gold Channel honour to her channel Willfood Blog in 2020.
The family earns Rs 8-10 lakh a year just from vlogs.

Surprisingly, about 46,000 Chinese people follow this channel. Besides Chinese, the residents of Bangladesh, Africa, Turkey, England and America also follow Pushparani’s food items.

You can keep an eye on this desi grandma’s kitchen before making various preparations with hilsa to katla, thankuni leaves (Centella Asiatica) to kumro shak (Pumpkin leaves), lau shak (Bottlegourd leaves), besides various egg and meat preparation.

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